About us

FMCG Import / Export

We import and export FMCG of the best brands on the market. Our main goal is to provide our customers with quality mass market products at the best price through a continuous search for new opportunities with our partners. We supply different types of customers, wholesalers, single points of sale and e-commerce platforms across Europe.

Retail and Wholesale

E-STOCK Srl has a fully integrated logistics with Microsoft Navision management system, this allows us to receive orders and process them within a few hours. We stock more than 5000 products every month for every need, products for personal care, oral hygiene, food and drinks from the best brands.


We ship our products all over the world with the best freight forwarders we operate with primary transport companies at European level, this allows us to ship our products to any part of the world in a reliable and safe way.


According to the regulations in force, every product imported and distributed in the national territory must report the instruction of use and the ingredients to give the consumer clear and comprehensive information. E-STOCK Srl guarantees a labeling service for imported products according to the regulations in force in each European country.